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Vietnam Tours - 18 Day Rail Tours of Vietnam (18 days)

Cambodia Tours - The Past and The Present: Angkor to Phnom Penh (6 days)

Laos Tours - Jewel of The Mekong & Plain of Jars (7 days)

GRAND Tour of INDOCHINA - Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos (27 days)

Vietnam Tours - Ticketed Rail Tour of VIETNAM (18 days)

Vietnam Tours - 15 Day Rail Tour of VIETNAM (15 days)

Shore Excursions from Cruise Ships

From Vietnam Ports - Saigon, Nha Trang, Phu My, Chan May, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Halong, Quy Nhon (1 days)

From Cambodia Port of Sihanoukville - The Glory of Angkor (3 days)

Short Stays

Vietnam Highlights - Saigon to Sa Pa (10 days)

Vietnam Explorer - Saigon to Ha Long Bay (14 days)

Cambodia Tours - The Past and The Present: Angkor to Phnom Penh (6 days)

Laos Tours - Jewel of The Mekong: Vientiane and Luang Prabang (5 days)

Cambodia Tours - The Glory of Angkor (4 days)

Bicycle Tours

Vietnam Bicycle Tours: 5, 8 and 12 Day Itineraries (12 days)

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CoVid Restrictions lifted in Vietnam

WEF 15 March 2022

Vietnam is NOW OPEN

to international tourists

Details of Vietnam Government's new, relaxed policies regarding international tourists

are shown below:

(with effect from 15 March 2022)    


All Vietnam destinations are open.

No self-isolation is required.

Here are key points of the new guidelines: RT-PCR test + visa + travel insurance now accepted for entry.

Upon arrival, you must present:

  1. Negative Covid-19 test result per passenger:

  2. Travelers entering via air: Present a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result (except children under 2 years old) using RT-PCR/RT-LAMP method within 72 hours before entry into Vietnam. Or have a negative rapid test result within 24 hours before departure, certified by the competent authority of the country where the test is performed.

  3. Travelers entering via land, rail and sea routes: Present negative test result as mentioned in section above. In case not presenting proof of a negative test result for SARS-CoV-2 as specified above, entrants are required to undergo a SARS-CoV-2 test at the border gate before entry (using RT-PCR/RT-LAMP method or rapid antigen test for SARS-CoV-2). Upon receiving a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result, they are allowed to enter and join tour activities. If the RT - PCR test result returns positive, they must follow strictly the regulations of the health authority.

  4. Children under 2 years old are not required to be tested for SARS-CoV-2. Having not been vaccinated against COVID-19 or having never been infected with SARS-CoV-2 before, they are allowed to enter and to join outdoor activities with their parents and relatives.

  5. Proof of valid medical/travel insurance covering Covid-19 treatment. Minimum cover USD10,000 (Link to info).

  6. Downloaded PC-Covid mobile app (Apple/Google Play) which must be presented to enter all VN establishments.  


Please also see:   Tour Dates & Prices 

for all Rail Tour Departures

between August - October 2022

 cool  The doors are open ...time to go!  cool  



 ...15 Day Rail Tour of VIETNAM...

Same Itinerary (Days 1-13) as 18 Day Rail Tours

Same start dates as 18 Day Rail Tours

concludes with Ha Long Bay CRUISE (Days 14/15) 


Priced from $3550pp/ts (Standard) to $3780pp/ts (Superior)

Single Supplement (single, non-share hotel) cost is $605 





Book a Rail Tour as a group of 12(+) and get 1 position FREE 
(your very own private charter!)

Offer applies to all 18 and 15 Day Rail Tours in 2021.



FRANKO’S Rail Tours of Vietnam include the opportunity to visit LONG TAN and NUI DAT
for ANZAC Day and Battle of Long Tan Day ceremonies.   

We have arranged & escorted tours into Long Tan since 1989.   
Sai Gon - Vung Tau - Long Tan - Nui Dat - Ba Ria - Sai Gon 
allows ample time to visit those sites of relevance to Australia’s
Vietnam War history ...either at the start or end of a scheduled
18 Day Rail Tour (see Rail Tour Dates).

Our 24hr visits to Long Tan & Nui Dat include:
Overnight stay in Vung Tau plus visits to
Xa Long Tan,  Xa Long Hai,
Australian Sponsored orphanage in Ba Ria
and the Ba Ria-Vung Tau War Cemetary.

Note: Every Rail Tour of Vietnam offers clients an 
*optional 1 Day Tour to the LONG TAN CROSS and NUI DAT.
AM depart Saigon - PM return to Saigon hydrofoil ferry*
(*If ferry service not operating to Vung Tau by road)
From $145pp - incl guide, driver & lunch - minimum 2 pers
*Option of overnight stay in Vung Tau with visit to Long Tan priced from
$195pp (min 2 pers)  to $160pp (min 8 pers)




May be available to those who book early on certain tours  

Please call/email us for details


LATEBIRD OFFERS (Rail Tours only) 

There may be times when FRANKO'S seek 1 or 2 more clients

on certain tours ...and we may offer price incentives to those who are:

Passport Holders - with at least 7 months validity remaining


Ready to join a Rail Tour at short notice - say 3 to 6 weeks.


*If you'd like to join our list of potential LATEBIRDS

just call/email us and we'll ensure you are notified

whenever such places/offers are available

(maybe only once or twice a year)

# Such offers may include Free Upgrade to Superior Cl (rail) or

Free Air Fare(s) or Tour Price Discounts


(RSL - Probus - Social & Travel Groups - Rotary - Military Associations - etc)
For Club/Association committees - Frank and/or Natalie are happy to consider any requests to provide a presentation or information session to your members.    Our formal presentation is around 50 minutes (including screening of DVD) then there's time for questions from audience.  
A free DVD available to all attendees. 
Interested persons/clubs should contact us initially on 
0414 403038 or via email to:



Recommended Pre-Tour Viewing
For those who have little time to read we recommend the following DVD movies:
1.   The 3 Seasons ("Ba Mua") ...starring Hervey Keitel - Vietnamese culture
2.   The Quiet American ...starring Michael Caine - early American involvement in VN
3.   Indochine ...starring Catherine Deneuve - French era in VN
4.   The Killing Fields ... starring Haing Ngor - Cambodian genocide
5.   S21: The Kmer Rouge Killing Machine ...Documentary on Toul Sleng centre
6.   The Scent of Green Papaya ...Vietnamese Culture (50s & 60s)
7.   Gardien de Buffles ("Guardian of Buffaloes" or Buffalo Herder) - Vietnamese rural life (French era)
8.   The Lover ...romantic story - set in Saigon 1920s.  (PG - sex scenes)
9.   FRANKO’S Rail Tours of VIETNAM ...Train travel in Vietnam.   The way to go! 

BOOKS?  There are too many to mention here, but we definitely recommend "Mekong - Turbulent Past, Uncertain Future" - by Milton Osbourne.   Good coverage of early European exploration of this mighty river and the countries through which it flows.    Written by an Aussie!
To understand why the Long Tan Cross is so important in Australia’s military history, you simply must read "The Battle of Long Tan" - by Lex McAulay.  
We also recommend "The Rough Guide to Vietnam"
 ...a good travel companion.


by Mary Bolling

In August 2008, Melbourne’s Herald-Sun newspaper 
published a 3 page article on FRANKO’S Rail Tours of Vietnam.   

Same article (2 page) appeared in Brisbane’s Courier Mail and
the Adelaide Advertiser on Saturday 30 August 08,
and Sunday Times
 in Perth on 05 September
An online version of this article can be found at this link:

(if link does not open simply google "Vietnam's track tour of duty ")


Articles about FRANKO'S Rail Tours of VIETNAM appeared in MUFTI Magazine (Vic) and RSL News (Vic) in 2012/13.

FRANKO'S also advertise in the Sunday Sun (Vic) and Sunday Mail (SA) newspapers, and on Magic 1278 Radio (Vic) and 2CH in Sydney.

FRANKO'S exhibit at the TRAVEL EXPOs in Melbourne & Sydney.




DVDs, YouTube and FACEBOOK :

FRANKO'S Rail Tour Video contains scenes from previous tours ...real people - no actors.

Scenes show Dining and Sleeper cars, tour coaches, dining arrangements, destinations visited, and of course some examples of everyday life in Vietnam.


All FRANKO'S Tour videos are now available on YouTube

...please search YouTube for "Franko's Vietnam"  or  "Frank O'Brien"


"FRANKO'S Rail Tours of VIETNAM" is also on FACEBOOK



Country Map

Images of Indochina

Da Nang Railway Station

Vietnamese Art - Reunification Palace

Cao Dai Ceremony

Ha Long Bay sunset

Veterans at Long Tan Cross

Train along coast

Birds on a wire!

Baria War Cemetary

Giant Buddha - Nha Trang

Hotel de Ville - Central Committee Bldg Saigon

Logistics bike - Ho Chi Minh Trail

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